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Jazz up your travel pack, hat, pants, etc.. with a high qaulity iron-on Beaten Path Co Patch

  • 'Smile' Patch Pack - includes 1 Smile Patch
  • 'Old Skool' Patch Pack - includes 1 Old Skool Patch 
  • 'Smile + Old Skool' Patch Pack - includes 1 Smile and 1 Old Skool patch 


    • Smile Patch: 1.75in H X 1.75in L
    • Old Skool Patch: 1.5in H X 3in L
  • Step 1. Grab an iron and an ironing board.

    Step 2. To protect both the fabric's surface and the patch, place a pressing cloth (you can also use a cotton pillowcase or handkerchief) between the patch and the iron.

    Step 3. Press the iron onto the patch & hold it in place for 30 to 45 seconds.

    Step 4. Take a look in the mirror and admire your new decor ;)

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