The Smile Hard Company

Society says we should act a certain way and conform to the "norm". We say, no way. Beaten Path Company focuses on encouraging people of all ages and passions to get out there and smile even when no one is watching.

A healthy planet needs a healthy host. Our Be The Change campaign focuses on giving 100% of profits to a new organization every month. We put most of our focus on minimizing our environmental impact and using eco-friendly clothing and manufacturers. Creating a better tomorrow.

Our Mission


 Beaten Path Co will create positivity in a community that includes people of all outdoor passions because everybody deserves to smile hard and be part of a family.

The First Sale

There's quite a bit of history behind the first sale. In our early stages of growing, we decided we weren't going to focus on selling. We focused primarily on growing Beaten Path Co's online and in person community. After all, money isn't our motive.

No, we did not start with a warehouse or an immense amount of money. We were a group of people with a passion and we continue to expand on this passion every day.


Nearly a year after growing our Beaten Path Co family, we designed The Classics. To the left you'll notice Beaten Path Co's earliest supporters, Calvin Moynihan and Koi Lopez. Calvin holding the first Blue Jean Tee and Koi holding the first Berry Tee. They still wear them to this day.