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The Beaten Path Company

Society says we should act a certain way and conform to the "norm". We say, no way. Beaten Path Company focuses on encouraging people of all ages and passions to get out there and smile even when others watching.


At an early age, CEO Miles Dittmar, noticed an unhealthy barrier between different outdoor niches. There has always been unnecessary tension between outdoor sports. For example, if you head to a local skatepark, you may notice that BMX riders and skateboarders typically don't get along. The stereotype that outdoor sports can't get along with each other is a pattern that must be broken. Beaten Path Co is here to explore the blend of mediums between different outdoor sports and invite healthy behavior for those wanting to explore new outdoor niches. 

In addition to being a clique-free outdoor clothing brand, we believe a healthy planet needs a healthy host. Beaten Path Co was born with the notion that we need to give back to our home planet and do anything we can to get one step closer to world peace. Our Be The Change Campaign focuses on giving 100% of profits to a new organization every season. We put most of our focus on minimizing our environmental impact and using eco-friendly clothing and manufacturers. Creating a better tomorrow.

Our Mission:


 Beaten Path Co is an outdoor clothing company with the goal of creating a nature-loving, clique-free family.

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