Hi friends :) The planet needs our help!

Beaten Path Co is dedicated to helping the world one step at a time. Every season we select a
nonprofit organization that positively impacts the world. After a thorough review, we donate 100%
of the profits from the products below to the chosen nonprofit.

During the Fall of 2022, September 22nd - December 21st, Beaten Path Co will donate 100% of profits from our 'Be The Change' products to The National Parks Conservation Association. The NPCA is a nonprofit organization that has worked for over a century to protect places of unparalleled natural wonder, historical significance, and cultural value. The National Parks Conservation Associations mission: "We're protecting and enhancing America's National Park System for present and future generations."

Your contribution will help protect America's most critical lands and waters. You can support
The National Parks Conservation Association by purchasing one of our products
below or going directly to their website and placing your donation. 

By wearing a 'Be The Change' product by Beaten Path Co, not only do you support all of the nonprofits we have donated to throughout this campaign, but you represent a wide community focused on
creating a better world for people, animals, and our environment.

Learn more about: The National Parks Conservation Association